Beeketing apps are third-party applications and services that rely on the ability to inject custom scripts into a website’s footer in order to function. Without this step, Beeketing apps cannot work on your storefront.

If your BigCommerce store is using a Blueprint theme, follow the instruction below to add Beeketing scripts into your theme properly so Beeketing apps can work on your store.

Note: Using a Stencil theme on your store now? Our apps use Script Manager to automatically record and inject custom scripts by Beeketing into your theme. If you notice that this doesn't work on your store, please CONTACT US for support.

How to add Beeketing scripts into BigCommerce Blueprint theme

Step 1: Open Edit HTML/CSS editor of your theme:

- From your BigCommerce admin: Storefront >> My Themes >> Current Theme >> Edit HTML/CSS

Edit theme in BigCommerce store

Step 2: Add scripts to Footer.html file:

- Search and Open Footer.html file in the editor: 

Open Footer.html file

- Copy the scripts provided in your Beeketing app admin' Theme Integration page >> Step 2/3:

Copy the script from Beeketing admin

- Paste the scripts into Footer.html file, below the %%Global_DebugDetails%% line, and Save:

Adding script

Step 3: Add scripts to Cartitem.html file:

- Search and Open Cartitem.html file in the editor:

Open cartitem.html

- Copy the scripts provided in your Beeketing app admin' Theme Integration page >> Step 3/3:

Copy the script provided by Beeketing

- Paste the scripts into Cartitem.html file, below the </tr> tag, and Save:

Paste the script into cartitem.html

Step 4: Add the scripts into Mobile Theme Settings:

Blueprint theme has a separate Mobile Themes Settings, that needs to be set up with Beeketing scripts in order for the apps to work on the mobile theme.

Watch this video for A-to-Z tutorial:

Find these mobile settings complicated? Send us a request to [email protected] and grant us full permission to Storefront Design in your admin dashboard, we will finish this step for you.

Done! Beeketing scripts are successfully added to your theme. You're good to go now!

Need our help?

CONTACT US right now, our agent will get back to you within 12 hours and to help you install Beeketing scripts into your store.