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When you enter Checkout Boost's back-end area, you will see a dashboard of statistics as below:

Checkout Boost - dashboard

These statistics show how many users are actually interacting with your offers, so you will have the overview of how the app works on your store.

- Total revenue: Revenue that the app generated for you.

Checkout: Number of times that users visit Checkout page through Checkout boost offer.

- Checkout success: How many times customers completed their checkout after accepting offers.

- Conversion rate: Calculated by Checkout successes / Offer views

- Referral Traffic: Number of visitors referred to your site via Facebook/Twitter shares.

Especially, we have statistics reports on each offer type. This part will show you reports of each offer separately and a "Add new offer" button to help you to create offers quickly.

More instruction tutorial of Checkout Boost can be found here

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