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1. How is commission rate calculated?


The commission rate is determined by a total number of customers installed a paid app via your reference each month. Depending on the number of successful app upgrades each month, you will earn 10% from the start then up to 20% from 21st customer. We will pay you a commission based on the below structure: 


The number of referred customers per month
Commission rate
1 - 10
11 - 15 
16- 20 
From 21st customer


Note: Total number of customers will reset every month

2.  When is a referral counted as successful?

- The affiliate cookie: When visitors click on your referral link, a cookie will be put on their computer to keep track of whether they install an app via your affiliate link. If yes, you will receive an affiliate commission from us. The lifespan of a cookie is 7 days.

This means that there is no need to install right after clicking the referral link. As long as they make an install within 7 days from their first click, we will award you with a commission.

- The last-click rule: In case the visitors click on many affiliate links before he makes a decision to install our app, the commission will belong to the last link that they click on.

- When will the affiliate cookie be removed from their computer?

+ After 7 days

+ After they make a paid app install (Boost Sales, Mailbot, Checkout Boost or Better Coupon Box premium)

+ After they click on another affiliate link (another cookie will be put on right off the bat)

After the cookie is removed, they could be referred again and that will be considered as a new referral time.

 3.  How your referrals generate extra income?

When your referral is counted as successful (after 15 days free trial for paid apps), you will be awarded your referral money. Payouts happen in the first week of each month to your Paypal account, 100% on time with accurate reports for you to track:

* Notes:

- Your commission rate is counted right after they installed the app (not at the end of free trial period).

- You’ll receive lifetime commission, as long as customers still use the apps you refer. While using our apps, if they upgrade or downgrade their package, your money will be calculated on the new one.

For example, you refer A to install an app at $27 for Pro package successfully. After 15 days of free trial, if A continues to use the app and extends his payment, your commission rate at the time A installs the app will be 10%. You receive $27*10% = $2.

In the following month, If A upgrades to Ninja package ($29), the amount of money earned will equal to $29*10% = $2.9.

The longer A uses our app, the more money you will earn from us.