1 . How up-sell offers work? 

With up-sell offers, you can suggest the pricier version of an item or relevant products with the product your customers have already interested in. The up-sell offers are triggered by "add to cart" button. Check it out in this demo store.

NoteYou cannot offer the same item as the product just added to cart. If you want to create a BOGO offer with Boost Sales, refer to the instruction here

2. How to create a custom upsell offer

Go to app's dashboard >> Up-Sell tab >> Click Add offer:

Step 1: Set up the offer's name and message

  • Offer's name: This helps you to manage your offers more easily. You can choose a name that describes your offer or leave it blank. 
  • Offer's message: Don't forget to fill out the message, otherwise, your up-sell offer can't be saved. Using attractive and engaging message would make your offer irresistible. Here is how it looks like:

Step 2: Select target product(s) to create up-sell offers

You can choose to have up-sell offers for All products on your store, Specific products, or Specific Collections.

Step 3: Set the up-sell products you want to offer to your customers

There are 4 options to choose up-sell products, which are:

  • Specific products
  • Specific collections
  • New Arrivals: 4 new arrival items will be picked and added as up-selling items
  • Best-sellers: 4 best-seller items will be picked and added as up-selling items

For the later 2 options, your up-selling items will be continuously updated, based on your store data.

You can offer the same collection as the target one in your up-sell offer. But it doesn't work if you offer the same product as the target one. 


Choose target & up-selling items

  • Remove the target product after an Up-sell product is added to cartIf this option is turned on, the CTA button will show as "Replace" and by click Replace, the target item will be replaced by the up-selling one.

Step 4: Set Offer's discount

This option allows setting up discounts for up-sell products and is only available when you choose up-selling items with Specific Products, Specific Collection.

  • For specific up-sell products, you have 3 types of discounts: percentage, discount price, fixed amount.
  • For specific up-sell collections, only percentage option is valid.

Offer's discount

By clicking the Set up discount, you will be able to add a discount price/ discount percentage/ fixed amount for your up-selling items

In order to create urgency and scarcity for your promotion, you can add an end date and set stock limitation.

Set an end date and stock limitation

Your up-sell offer will look like this after the end date and stock limitation are set:

Click the “Submit Offer” button when everything is ready. You can preview your offer in the app or check how it goes live in your store.