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When setting up your Quick Facebook Chat app for the first time, you may notice that the chat box won't show up correctly, the minimized icon is unclickable, or this widget shows up instead:

Facebook Chat Window

There are several possible reasons why you don't see Quick Facebook Chat on your store.

1. You have not connected your page with the app:

This is the required step to get the app up and running. In order to fix it, please check your setting by following this instruction.

2. Page restrictions prevent users who are not logged in Facebook or restricted from seeing the chat box

Some business pages are restricted to some specific countries and age limit. Thus, users who are not logged in Facebook (Facebook cannot recognize) or restricted by the page's restriction rules cannot see the chat box. In this case, it's needed to set your page to be visible to everyone. Please click here for the instruction.

3. You have not whitelisted your domains.

One more common reason that made Quick Facebook Chat can't show the chatbox or the minimized icon is unclickable is that the users forget to whitelist their 2 domains with their Facebook page setting. Please follow the 1st step in this Tutorial to have a good setting and make the app work perfectly on your site.

4. Your theme conflicts with Quick Facebook Chat's style that prevents chat box from showing on your store

This case is not common, but some stores have themes that contain special elements that conflict and prevent Facebook chat box from showing up on site. Kindly contact us to get this sorted.

5.  Your browser has Adblock Plus installed

Adblock Plus is a tool that people often use for their pages to strictly prohibit unexpected advertisements. However, it may act as a trouble to display Quick Facebook Chat app. You can turn this off by following this instruction in the screenshot below:

Turn off Adblock

6. Quick Facebook Chat shows up with a blank box chat.

After installing Quick Facebook Chat and setting up the Welcome State, you might see it's totally blank on your site. The reason is that you have not chosen the option Message on your Facebook page yet.

You can go to your Facebook Page Settings and tick the option "Allow people and Pages to contact my Page privately"

 Allow people to connect Pages privately

If you have tried 6 solutions above and still cannot get your chat box up, you probably fall into other issues. If so, please Contact us here or by sending your questions to [email protected] to get support. Our Customer Success agents and engineering staffs will fix this issue for you as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

Beeketing team.

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