1. Installation

The app can be easily installed directly from the Appstore or from our website

On most of the supported platforms, there is no additional step required. However, if your store is based on:

After installing and confirming billing information, you will be redirected to App Dashboard. Now, the app is ready to rock your sales. Let's take a look at all app's features to get an overall understanding.

2. App tour

With the purpose of helping online sellers to sell more and increase order value, Boost Sales is built with 3 main features: Up-sell, Cross-sell and Quick View.

2.1. Up-sell offers

The idea with up-sell offers is to:

  •  Recommend customers to replace the current item in cart by a high-tier one;
  • Or suggest them relevant items to buy more.

2.1.1 Custom up-sell offers

An up-sell offer shows up as a popup as soon as your customers add an item to cart.

  • To know how an up-sell offer looks like, you can visit our Demo here.
  • To create a custom up-sell offer and upload bulk offers, kindly refer our detailed instruction here.

2.1.2 Last step up-sell offers

This feature helps you increase sales even more at the very last step in a customer's journey. It's similar with the first type of up-sell offers but the trigger condition is different. If custom up-sell offers pops up when customers click Add-to-cart button, last step one works when Checkout button is hit. This tactic can be considered as point-of-sale marketing in retails.

  • Demo store: Go to this store, add any items to cart and then hit Checkout button in Cart page, you will see a Last Step up-sell offer show up.
  • With last step up-sell offers, you have more advanced features to optimize your offers. Click here to learn more about this option.

2.2 Cross-sell offer

Another way to increase average order value per customer is cross-selling. Cross-sell offers allow you to suggest the complementary bundles, which combine frequently-bought-together products. When customers view one product in your bundle, the whole bundle will be displayed below Add-to-cart button as a embed widget. Here is how it looks: 


2.5 Smart up-sell and smart cross-sell

Besides custom offers, Boost Sales has smart Up-sell and smart Cross-sell options that automatically generate up-selling products and cross-selling combos, based on sales history and customers' behaviors. These features, which is integrated AI technology, will help you creating offer wisely in a more personalized way but automatically.

Learn more about the smart up-sell and smart cross-sell here.

2.6. Quick View feature

Quick View is developed with the aim to simplify e-commerce shopping experience, hence, increase your conversion rate. When it's activated, once clicking the product images on your homepage, collection pages or Up-sell/ Cross-sell offers, a pop-up window will appear with all product details presented. Therefore, visitors can learn about your products much more easily without being redirected to other pages: 

In addition to product details, you can provide other information in Quick View pop-up such as reviews, up-sell block, color swatch,... Click here to learn how to configure the Quick view pop-up.

Now it’s time for you to get started with Boost Sales! To learn more how to optimize and make the most out of the app, take a look at our best practices and strategies here.