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We are thrilled to introduce a brand new yet powerful features of our Sales Pop app: Upsell Notification. This update will allow you to boost your order value in an extraordinary way. Check it out!

Stats show 70-90% of online revenue comes from upselling, which means you should do upselling whenever you have a chance to increase your sales. With Upsell notifications, applying upselling to 2X your sales has never been easier. Sales Pop will notify customers of frequently-bought-together items via sales notification if they view a specific product.

Shoppers will ask: “Why are so many people buying this combo?”. Hence, it will trigger customers’ curiosity, encourage them to view and buy both of the items.

Note: You now can set up these features by going to Sales Pop dashboard >> Settings

In order to activate Upsell Notifications feature, you also need to install our Boost Sales app. Boost Sales will pull all of your historical orders and provide Sales Pop app with the most frequently bought together items to show. 

Besides, with Boost Sales you can also apply many other proven-to-success upselling techniques to 2X your order value. It's currently trusted by more than 41,700 eCommerce brands all over the world.

That’s it. Apply the new technique right now and let us know your thoughts via [email protected].

Happy Selling!