If you have just made some new changes in the app settings but still can not see it on the live site, please take a look at our explanation and instruction below to deal with the issue.

Why are my new settings not applied?

Actually, in some cases, the new setting will be applied after 4-5 minutes delay. Since it may take up to 5 minutes for the browser to clear all caches, we have to lengthen this updating process to optimize your website speed since we don’t want to force refresh every time a buyer load your site.

What can I do if I want the new setting to be applied right away?

There is a tip if you want to see the new changes as soon as possible: After adjusting the app setting as your scenario, instead of going to the live site as normal, please visiting the site using this option:

open your site from dashboard

By this action, the new changes will be applied right away.

If following my instruction about does not help to solve the issue, please notify us via the contact line or email us at [email protected], our agents will be right back to fix it for you!

More solutions can be found here.

Beeketing team.