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When Calbot app is installed in a Shopify store, Liquid codes are automatically added by the Assets API to your theme's files. 

When the app is uninstalled on your store, these code might be left unremoved, but they do not affect your storefront and site performance. However, if you wish to totally clear all Calbot codes from your store, please follow the 2 steps below to remove the Liquid codes from 2 positions:


1. Go to Shopify Dashboard > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code, select your theme.liquid or layout.liquid layout file, search and remove this code line:

<!-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE START -->{% include 'bk-tracking' %}<-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE END --!>

edit theme in Shopify

2) Search for bk-tracking.liquid file and remove it (Optional):

Warning: This step should be done ONLY if you wish to delete all Beeketing apps from your store. If you still keep other Beeketing apps but delete these codes, these apps will not be able to work on your store anymore.

Edit bk-tracking.liquid

If you cannot remove these codes and need help from our engineering team, please contact us to request support. We will delete the codes for you at no expense!

Beeketing team.

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