Thousands of e-commerce store owners reach out to us every day, looking for an app that could help them grow their businesses. Since Beeketing provides many marketing automation tools, it may take your time to test and check all of them. Depending on your current concerns, you may need a different app with different functions for your store. The series “Which Beeketing apps would be the best for my e-commerce store?” is to give you an overview of Beeketing products and brief descriptions of their purposes so that you could find the most suitable one for you.

Engaging with customers need to be continuously done in each step in their shopping’s journey. In part 1 of this series, let's see what we can do to impress our visitors in the very first moment when they enter your store.

The key point is to make your store as professional as possible. The more people interact, the more attention you get and the longer they would stay.

1. How to welcome your visitors in a decent way?

We understand that first-time visitors would be the hardest one to convert since they don't know about you yet and they are not sure if they should make an order with you, but not others. In order to start a relationship with your customers in this very first moment, a friendly way to say "Hi" is having a pop-up shown up in the first page they visit, offering them a small discount. It will give customers at least one reason to shop here. Better Coupon Box allows you to do so.

Furthermore, Better Coupon Box is also a lead magnet. It helps you collect email addresses from your visitors then eventually, build up your own contact list. In order to know exactly how it works and its other functions, please refer to our instruction here: How to create a coupon box in Better Coupon Box app?

When you have email addresses from your customers, it's time for Happy Email send a welcome message in a more personal way. Since Happy Email is connected to Better Coupon Box, every time when a new visitor leaves their email, they will receive a welcome message from Happy Email. You really don't want to miss this free, simple and helpful app. It costs you only five minutes to get started.

While customers are browsing your store, there may be some questions or concern emerged. Those things would probably be the reason why people hesitate to buy. It's crucial to have a support tool so that you can communicate with them directly, immediately solve any issues. No need an expensive and complicated helpdesk, Quick Facebook Chat app is enough for you to live-chat with customers via Facebook. It's really nice and easy to configure.

2. How to increase your Add-to-cart rate?

Sales Pop is the most popular Beeketing app and always stays on top of Shopify App Store. Its plain function works and becomes a must-have tool for almost every type of e-commerce stores. In the chaos of the e-commerce market, what makes you stand out from the crowd is how much trustworthy you are. What Sales Pop does is to inform your visitors about orders that have just been made by others, by showing small notifications in the corner of the screens.


Another typical tip for sellers to encourage customers to add to cart is creating urgency. If you are running a promotion, its end date or the scarcity of the items left always work. Countdown Cart allows you to display a countdown timer and/or a countdown stock in the page you want so as to urge people to add to cart as fast as possible. You can discover other features of this app here.


If you have ran an e-commerce store for a while, you will soon realize a major share of your traffic comes from mobile devices. However, in mobile, due to the limitation of screen sizes, shopper experience may not be as optimized as in PC. Mobile Converter is a solution to shortcut customer journeys in mobile. Having a sticky add-to-cart button on the bottom or top visitors' screens while they are scrolling or having it embedded in your product images while they are viewing will be so much more convenient and save time.

Moreover, if you are selling internationally, you must have thought about a currency converter app. We have Calbot Currency Converter to help you do that as a piece of cake. Only one step required to set up then your customers will never be bothered about the difference in your currency anymore.

Above is 4 free Beeketing apps that would boost your Add-to-cart rate effortlessly. No cost, no pain. If you are looking for something more advanced, more powerful, stay tuned for part 2 of the series. In part 2, we will get to the next level of how to increase your checkout rate and your average order value.

Let’s get started now!