Install Better Coupon Box here and create your own popup now!

Better Coupon Box is a lead magnet that helps you collect email addresses from your visitors and/or get more subscribers to your social network. The idea is offering your audiences a small discount code after they subscribe to your newsletter or like your facebook fanpage as a small welcome gift. Better Coupon Box allows you to create a nice box where people can do all those things and get your discount code automatically and smoothly, bring a better experience. 

Let get started!

In the app dashboard, click "Add a new coupon box" button to start creating a coupon

There are 4 simple steps you need to complete to make a coupon box in your own way. We have options for you to personalize your box as much as you want.

Step 1: Add basic elements to your box:

  • The very first thing you need is a discount code. If you already have a coupon code in your store admin, you can add it to the coupon code field

Better Coupon Box supports multiple one-time codes to make sure each customer can only use a coupon code once only, so add as many coupon codes into this field as you want. Create a coupon code in your shop Admin as instruction for each platform as below:






In case you don't want to offer a discount, you can leave this field empty

  • Social Networks: Here is where you add your social network links such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. In each placeholder, we have an example to let you know how to add each value correctly. Please make sure your Facebook fanpage are public to everyone, regardless location so the Like button in your coupon box can work. Not all profiles are required, you only need to enter social profiles that you want to integrate into the coupon box.

Kindly note that technically, Instagram and Pinterest don't allow us to get your visitors' information to know exactly if they follow you after clicking the buttons. There is a possible case that visitors may just click the button but don't really follow. We have designed to make the log-in window bigger and cover the box, delay the time for the code to show to reduce the chance this case happens.

  • There is a small toggle at the bottom of this page that allows you to turn on/off the option of collecting email addresses.

Step 2: Add trigger condition for your coupon

  • How should we show your coupon box? There are 4 options to choose where to show your coupon box on the site
  • Automatically on the first page: popup automatically show on the homepage when customers first visit the site
  • On the second page: if customers navigate to any site after entering homepage, the popup will show
  • Smart on exit-intent: popup only shows when customers hover mouse around the browser bar, indicating that they're about to leave the site
  • Only show when customers click Get Discount button: popup only shows if customers want to open it manually by clicking the Get discount button in site corner
  • Who do you want to show coupon box to? If you are on Premium package, you will have an advanced option to show the coupon box to New Visitors or Returning Visitors, rather than All of them.
  • More options: We have other options such as limit time for your offer, turn on coupon box on mobile devices and Turn on Google Mobile Safe. You can leave this part as default settings if you want. We have already chosen the last two options for you.

Step 3: Set up content for your box

  • Subject: Let's create a "hook" to catch your customer's' attention about your promotion campaigns
  • Message: Explain more about your campaigns, especially how to get the discount code. For example: Follow us on social media to get 20% off on all purchases today.
  • You may need to use the Check box warning about GDPR if you are doing your business in Europe or providing your service to Europe.
  • Lastly, add a thank you message to show after your audiences subscribe.

Step 4: Design your coupon box

Here you can customize the position of the Get Discount button and change its color. You can also add custom code to design the box in the way you want using Custom CSS or Customizable Themes if you are using Premium package.

That's done! You can now Save and Active the coupon.