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When setting up your Sales Pop app for the first time, you may notice that there are no notifications have been synced instead of the Sample data as the screenshot below: 

Sales Pop - Sample data

By default, the order data of 30 days prior to your installation will be synced to Sales Pop in 5 - 60 minutes. Afterward, as new orders come in, they will be automatically synced as well.

However, there are some cases that orders might not be synced:

1. The notification of deleted items will not be generated.

2."Quick sale" orders made through POS (Point of Sale) channel which lacks customers' information including their email, city, country.

3. Setting orders are automatically archived after they have been fulfilled as in hereArchived orders can't be synced and detected by Sales Pop. 

4. Orders don't have contact information.

5. Shoppers check out using mobile phones instead of email.

6. Orders age more than 60 days since the day merchants install Spop.

If these above cases are not your case, please Contact us at [email protected] to get support. Our Customer Success agents and engineering staffs will fix this issue for you as soon as possible.

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