Quick Facebook Chat is a helpful tool for you to deliver exceptional customer support and boost sales in no time. Install it on your store for FREE today!

This solution is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Quick Facebook Chat. Just follow the steps below to get the app work properly on your store 

Step 1: Access the app in your store. The very first interface should look like the screenshot below. What you need to do at this step is to click on the button "Start Connecting with Your Customers".

Quick Facebook Chat

Step 2: Enter your Facebook credentials including your password and email or phone number. Then click Log in to sign into your Facebook page. 

Quick Facebook Chat - Enter credentials

Note: in case you are already logged in Facebook on the same browser. It won't ask you to allow Beeketing app to access your Facebook information. Just ahead to by clicking "Continue as..."

Step 3: After completing Step 2, you should see a list of your Facebook pages. Just choose which page you would like to connect, then click "Connect to this page"

Quick Facebook Chat - Choose Page to connect

When all the above steps are completed, there will be a welcome screen which shows that you have just connected successfully. 

Quick Facebook Chat - Page connected successfully

That is completed. Now your store is officially connected to your Facebook page. 

You can see how the app works on our Live Demo here.


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