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The new version of Personalized Recommendation app has 05 widgets, each of which can be turned on/off in the Widgets tab of the app as below:

Widget customization

You can choose to set up each widget's design to match your store theme by clicking on the "Customize" button. Then, you will be redirected to the widget's settings. Kindly note that there are separated settings for Desktop and Mobile view. So in order to make changes for the Mobile view, just simply click on the Mobile tab then complete the customization.

Widget customization

1.  Layout:

Simply click on the "Change Layout" button, there you can choose the suitable layout:

Layout change

2. Customize:

Customize Widget

With these settings, you are able to design the font, size, color, text title and style of header, product name, price and CTA button. Besides, you can choose the number to be suggested and the maximum number of products per slide.

Number of product customization

3. Places:

You can choose specific pages that show the widgets.

Placing recommendation widget

After finishing all those steps, don't forget to hit "Save"!