On an Up-sell popup, you can choose to redirect buyers to the cart page or checkout page. 

 CTA button in up-sell pop-ups

In order to make the change, please visit app Settings >> Up-sell Settings >> "Call-to-Action button will motivate customers to" and chose "Cart" or "Checkout"

Up-sell settings

  • Note: When an Up-sell offer first pops up, you will see the CTA button displaying in white. It will turn into green as soon as an up-sell suggestion is added to cart.

CTA button in green

  • Besides, by ticking the option "When clicking "View cart" from Up-sell popup, use Boost Sales cart popup instead of store's cart page/cart popup", Boost Sales will use its own cart which can make the shopping experience less time-consuming. Besides, there will be a recommended product in Boost Sales' cart to help you up-sell. If you are using Last step Up-sell offer then this option should be left unticked since the Last step Up-sell offer can only be triggered by clicking the "Checkout" button on a specific cart page.

CTA button settings

Here's how it looks on the storefront:

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