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1. How do BOGO offers show?

BOGO stands for Buy One, Get One. This is a highly effective way to appeal to customers. You can use Checkout Boost to create a BOGO offers. The logic is that when your customer buys a product, there will be an offer popup as in the screenshot below which asks them to Share or Just simply take the same product for free or with a discount. 



2. Benefits of BOGO offers?

The main advantage of a BOGO is that it helps to wipe out a product which is not desirable any longer. Using BOGO is like killing two birds with one stone. In other words, by selling multiple items at once, you can solve the case of inventory which is slowly changing while keeping up with creating revenue for your business. 


3. How to create a BOGO offer?


To create a BOGO offer with Checkout Boost, you can use Just-take-it or Share-to-get offers. Please take a look at our example here. We created a BOGO offer: Buy Jaxon Shoes >> share your cart on Social Network to get another one as a free gift.


  • Click on Add offer in Dashboard: 


Create an offer from Dashboard

Or in Offers tab: 

Create new offer in Offer tab

  • Choose a type of offer that you want to create. As mentioned in the first words, you can choose Just-take-it or Share-to-get. 

There are three types of offers:

- Countdown 

- Just-take-it

- Share-to-get

Three types of offers

In this article, we created a Share-to-get offer >> choose Pre-purchase >> choose Free gift as incentive >> Add "Jaxon Shoes" as an incentive, re-write the message to make the offer more attractive.


- On the 4th settings area, we set the offer to show when customers add matched products to cart (You can totally choose another option). >> Then set the rule: Product equals product: Jaxon shoes. It means that the matched product is Jaxon shoes.


That's all. And when a customer adds a pair of Jaxon Shoes to cart >> they meet the rule (matched product) >> offer shows >> they share their carts on Social Network >> received another Jaxon Shoes as a free gift.

If you have any difficulties in creating offers or optimizing the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a message at [email protected]. We are always here to help you.

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