By default, your cross-sell offers will appear as a embedded widget below Add-to-cart button in product pages. However, we have some other options for you to have a different look for your cross-sell offers. In this article, we will show you how to do that so you can see which option would be best for your store.

All of the instruction below can be done at Cross-sell settings >> How to you want cross-sell offers to show?

1. Embedded widget:

There are 2 themes for you to choose for your cross-sell widget: Inline and Styled Block

  • Inline theme is the default theme for the embedded widget, which is very simple and matches almost store themes


For Inline theme, you can change the position of the widget using our editing tool

By clicking the Change widget position button, a product page displaying as editing mode will show up, then:

- Choose and click on the position you like

- Finish the change by clicking on the Save button and Turn off editing mode 

  • With Styled Block theme, the additional products in your cross-sell offer are listed below the Add-to-cart button.

With this theme, the widget needs to be sticked with Add-to-cart button. Therefore the cross-sell widget position is fixed and cannot be moved.

2. Corner pop-up:

If you don't like widgets, there is another option: corner pop-up. The advantage of popups is that it would create a greater impression to your visitors, compare to widgets. It's really helpful when you are offering a combo with discount price and want customers to seriously consider it. Below is how a corner popup looks like:

If you are worrying popups can be annoying, just add a few seconds to delay the time the pop-up would show. It would give customers some time to read information of the viewing product.

If you want customers to focus on your cross-sell offer rather than the being-viewed product, this kind of display option is definitely for you.

That's all about cross-sell offers display. We hope you could choose one that fits you most.

Now enjoy your sales going up