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There are 3 types of offers that you can create: Countdown Timer, Share-to-get and Just-take-it offerLet's take a look at all types of offers:

1. Countdown offers

Your visitors will be motivated to complete their purchase and get your offer within a period of time (this is determined by you). The offer will disappear when customers see it once and will be reset in 1 week. 

Countdown Timer offer

2. Just-Take-It offer

Visitors will only need to click "Get deal" to receive the offer if their offers meet the conditions you set up. This is the instruction to create Just-Take-It offer: How to create Just-Take-It offer and Share-To-Get offer?

Just-Take-it offer

3. Share-To-Get offer:

Your visitors will be encouraged to share your product to social networks to get offer. This kind of offer helps to increase both of your conversion rate and organic traffic from the shares of your customers. 

This is instruction to create Share-To-Get offer: How to create Just-Take-It offer and Share-To-Get offer?

Share to Get offer

Important Notes: 

With Just-Take-It and Share-To-Get offers, you can offer a free gift as an incentive to motivate customers to complete their purchases, like this:

Just Take It and Share to Get in one offer

If you don't use Shopify Checkout API: In this case, it is required to finish code installation as our instruction here. Whenever you offer a free gift, there will be free gift variant generated accordingly. The code work is required in order to hide this variant on your storefront, however, please do not delete free gift variant in your store backend. If you find it hard to play with code, simply invite us ([email protected]) to your store admin so we can help you do it for FREE. Moreover, If you select cart discount or free shipping, you will need to create a coupon code in shop admin and submit that code while creating your offers. The app can not generate such codes for you.

Free Gift Variant


4. Steps to create an offer in Checkout Boost: 

Step 1: Click on Add offer in Dashboard. 

Create an offer in Checkout Boost Dashboard

Or in Offer tab: 

Create an Checkout Boost offer in Offers tab

Step 2: Choose a type of offer that you want to create. 

There are three types of offers:

- Countdown 

- Just-take-it

- Share-to-get. 

Choose the type of offer to create

Step 3: Set a condition for your offer.

Since each offer has different settings, please refer to our detailed instructions for each offer here:

- How to create Just-Take-It offer and Share-To-Get offer

- How to create a Countdown offer with Checkout Boost app?

To differentiate all types of offers, please refer to this instruction: Understanding all types of offer

Demo store:

Let's create a Checkout Boost offer now to boost sales for your shop. You can visit our helpdesk for some common questions about Checkout Boost as well.  

If you have any difficulties in creating offers or optimizing the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a message at [email protected]. We are always here to help you.

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