Happy Messenger is an automated Facebook messenger tool that allows you to re-engage your customers more easily.

After successfully installing and activating the app on the store, you will see an element including a promotional message with permission box appear on each of your product pages:

Notice: The position of the element above may vary depending on your store's theme.

After customers opt-in (tick off the permission box on the product page), as in the image above and complete their order on your online store, Happy Messenger app will automatically send a thank-you message instantly from your Facebook page to shoppers’ messenger inboxes. You can see an exemplary message in the image below:


I. Connect your Facebook page to the app:

To activate Happy Messenger app, firstly you need to connect your page to the app. 

  1. Log in to your Beeketing account
  2. On the Dashboard, click Connect Facebook Page

  1. Sign in your Facebook account then click Select page
  2. Select your store page you want to use from the list. 

If you connect your page successfully, you will see your Facebook page displayed on the Dashboard page like this:

II. Customize message you want to send to your customers:

  • Scrolling down to the bottom of the Dashboard page, you can see many editable fields, where you can customize your page's message.
  • A preview window on the right helps you imagine how your message looks like. 
  • Edit the message content as you want and hit "Save".

III. Customize app interface on your product page:

  • Now go to Permission Box page
  • Write up the content of the element such as title, Intro message,etc., which will be displayed on your product page, and hit "Save"

You can find out more about how to change permission box's position on your site here.

That's it! Happy Messenger app has been successfully activated and been working on your site.