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This app shows notifications of recent sales on the corner when customers are shopping around your store. The idea comes from the proven efficiency of social proof: when people see that your store is active and many others are making purchases, they will have more trust and be willing to place an order with you.

Sales Pop notification

There are two kinds of notification: Sync and Custom

Once installed, Sales Pop will create Sync Notifications from your latest orders. Afterward, every time you have a new order, there will be a corresponding notification made as well. However, in case you would like to advertise a product purposely, you can use create Custom Notification. Customer Notifications contains made-up-by-shop-owner data. In other words, the data displayed on Custom notification does not need to be true. 

In this article, you will be wandered through basic modules of Sales Pop. However, before we get started, you must know there will be no custom notification on Shopify anymore. Custom notification used to be a highly effective method to create urgency and scarcity for your store. Nevertheless, since the Shopify's requirement to use real data instead of made-up one, custom notification was left out. In other words, with Sales Pop for Shopify, there is only one kind of notification namely "sync notification". 

1. Dashboard

Sales Pop dashboard consists of two elements: 

Summary Statisticsas its name, shows you the number of clicks on the notifications created by Sales Pop 

Summary Statistics in Sales Pop Dashboard

The other element is Top 5 best performing notifications which illustrate top 5 notifications in terms of performance 

Top 5 best performing notifications

2. Notifications 

Notifications indicates all Sales Pop notifications 

There are some basic elements in this tab you should take notice of to better manage notifications

(1) This allows you to see All notifications or just Custom or Sync ones. By default, all notifications are shown. 

(2) A notification matches one product only. This allows you to search a notification according to its product. 

(3) A tick box allows you to choose separate notifications. 

(4) A toggle switch which allows you to enable or disable a notification. 

(5) The type of a notification. There are two types of notification: Sync and Custom. 

(6) The day on which a notification is created. 

(7) Delete button which you can use to delete a notification. 

3. Settings

This part contains the options for setting up Sales Pop in general. All changes in Settings can be previewed in Preview as in the screenshot below

3.1 Settings relevant to the interface of notifications.

You have three tabs to switch: Layout, Theme, and Text 

Layout allows you to choose a pre-built layout for notifications. 

The layout of notifications.

Themes let you choose the theme of notifications so it will best matches your store design. Basic theme is chosen by default. However, you can choose Holiday theme which is extremely seasonal, or Customize theme to change the theme as the way you want. 

The theme for each notification

And Text allows you to customize the text displayed on notifications. 

Customize the text on Sales Pop notifications

3.2 Display options - settings relevant to how the notification displays on your store

Display options

(1) The position of Salse Pop notifications on your store. There are four options: Bottom left Bottom right, Top left, and Top right. 

(2) The delay time between the appearance of two notification in a row. 

(3) The time each notification will display on your store. By default, the value is five seconds. 

(4) The maximum number of notification on a page. 

(5) Display notifications in random order. If this is unticked, notifications will display according to the time of orders. 

(6) This option, if chosen, allows you to display notifications on mobile devices.

(7) This option allows you to repeat the notifications in case there are no new orders. 

(8) Notifications created in this duration of time will be displayed. 

3.3 Translate

This part makes it possible for you to change the language on notifications into your desired one. 

Sales Pop - translate the app

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