1. How does Quick View feature work?

Available in Boost Sales and Personalized Recommendation apps, Quick View can help to make the shopping experience much more convenient and easy than ever. Instead of being redirected to the product page, your customers can explore more details of the products they are interested in at ease. 

Once clicking the product image from your home page, collection page, Up-sell/ Cross-sell offers or Personalized Recommendation widgets, a Quick view popup will show up immediately and all the details will be presented clearly. 

Quick View pop-up

2. How to configure Quick View popup

2.1 Activation

The setting of Quick view feature can be found in Setting tab >> Quick View.

Quick View settings

2.2. Color swatches

In this part, all colors of your products will be synced and listed. You can check the list before turning on this option. If the titles of some colors are named unusually or in different languages..., please re-define it here.

Color swatches

2.3 Product recommendation block

Besides the product's description, we integrate smart recommendation option in the Quick view popup. You can choose to show up-selling products that are attached with the viewing one or show products that are generated by global smart up-sell feature. Add-to-cart buttons can be added for customers to easily purchase without going to product pages.

Recommendation block settings

2.4. Reviews:

Currently, Boost Sales can integrate Yotpo review app only. If you're using Yotpo, simply visit app Settings >> Quick View >> Reviews and click on "Yotpo App" button:


A popup will be shown to fill in the API Key and API Secret:

Yotpo integration

Tada, it is done! Let's rock your sales with our new feature.