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Basically, these 2 offers are similar however their names indicated the differences. 

Just-Take-It offer: Visitors will only need to click 'Get deal' to receive the offer if their offers meet the conditions you set up. 

Just take it

Share-To-Get offer: Your visitors will be encouraged to share the product they have just added to cart or the cart (depends on if your offer is post-purchase incentive or show at cart page) to social networks to get the offer. 

Share to get offer

Below is the general instructions for both of the offers.

Step 1. Select Pre-purchase of Post-purchase

Choose a type of incentive

Step 2. Select what you want to offer your customers

a. If you use Shopify checkout API:

Shopify Checkout API makes it possible to purchase products from a Shopify store programmatically. You can use Checkout API to manage the jobs relevant to calculating taxes, shipping rates, attaching the customer's information, and eventually completing a purchase activity by submitting a payment. For more information about Shopify Checkout API, you can read here 

Choose a type of offer

b. If you don't use Shopify Checkout API or your store was built in other platforms: 

In this case, it is required to finish code installation as our instruction here. Whenever you offer a free gift, there will be free gift variant generated accordingly. The code work is required in order to hide this variant on your storefront, however, please do not delete free gift variant in your store back-end. If you find it hard to play with code, simply invite us ([email protected]) to your store admin so we can help you do it for FREE. Moreover, If you select cart discount or free shipping, you will need to create a coupon code in shop admin and submit that code while creating your offers. The app can not generate such codes for you.

There are 3 incentives for you to choose from:

- Cart discount: customers will get a monetary/percentage discount code. Remember to generate this code in your store back-end.

- Free gift: any item in your store can be offered and they can be the items which you would like to sell out. You can offer multi-items to give different choices for customers.

(This option is not available if you select Post-purchase Incentive)

- Free shipping: a free shipping code will be shown on your offer. Remember to generate this code in your store back-end.

Step 3. Create offer's message

In this step, you can customize the message which will be shown on the offer. Your message should be funny and sweet so that your customers don't feel pushy; however, it also needs to create a kind of urgency and scarcity as well. You can also upload your free gift image or free shipping/ discount code sign as popup's image to catch more attention from customers.

 Customize message

Step 4. Set rules to show your offer

4.1. Where do you want to show the offer? 

These settings are only available with Pre-purchase offer since Post-purchase offer always show in Thank you page after customers complete their orders. 

Where do you want to show the offer?

Important note:  Please DO NOT select option 2: Show offer on cart page if your site does not have a cart page.

4.2. Set up offer's conditions.


Settings rules for customers to get offers

- Product: you can add multi-item or multi-collection in conditions.

- Product price: a progress bar will appear to motivate your customers to add more items to cart to reach the goal. If you want to apply your offer to all orders, let set the goal at zero and the progress bar will not show for this offer.

- Cart total price: the total price of the cart the customer needs to meet before they can get the offer. 

Exit-intent feature: if you would like to show your offer only when customers perform leaving signs, you should enable this feature.

Progress bar: Will show up when you set product price rule.

Progress bar

Step 5. Edit Twitter message. (This option is not supported with Facebook share's message due to restriction from Facebook)

Edit Twitter message

All is done! Hit Add offer and check how it works on your site.

More instruction tutorial of Checkout Boost can be found here

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