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Note 1: This tutorial is only available for the stores that installed the app before January 18th, 2019. With Shopify's new policy, the 'Add custom Javascript to Google Analystic' section will no longer accept any scripts that are not used exclusively for Google Analytics. 

Note 2: Only Shopify stores require this step to activate the feature.

Due to some restrictions from Shopify, it requires adding some extra code in your Google Analytics box to enable Checkout Boost pop-ups in your Checkout page.

1. Which elements of Checkout Boost will be shown up on Checkout page after the code was added successfully?

After carrying out successfully the steps in this article, you will see there are two elements of Checkout Boost to show up on Checkout page of your store:

- The offers with the option Show offer on Exit-intent enabled 

- The message which informs the customer that their code for a free gift or a discount will be redeemed.

2. How to add to extra code?

Please follow the steps below to enable Success Message popup on your Checkout page:

Step 1. Copy the provided code in Checkout Boost admin dashboard. 

 Copy the code

Step 2. Go to your Shopify admin >> Online Store >> Preferences: Find Google Analytics box and click on 'Add custom JavaScript' (Please make sure that Google Analytics is Enabled, more instruction can be found here). 

Add custom JavaScript

Step 3. Paste the code copied in step 1 in Addition Google Analytics JavaScript box. 

Add additional Google Analytics JavaScript

Hit Save and that's done. You have the most powerful pop-ups to prevent cart abandonment. Your checkout page should show something as in the screenshot below: 

Checkout Boost offer on Checkout page

And after you shared on Facebook, there will be a small message showing that you will get 20% discount. 

The message shows the discount will be applied

If you have any difficulties in creating offers or optimizing the app, please feel free to drop a message at [email protected]. We are always here to help.

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