A lot of customers use several Beeketing apps, however, I bet you once wonder how to make them work best together. Today we’re going to show you 3 ways to use both Checkout Boost and Boost Sales to skyrocket your revenue.

To give you a quick overview: Boost Sales app helps you increase the average order value by up-selling and cross-selling, while Checkout Boost app increases your conversion rate by asking customers to share your products with friends in exchange for a gift or discount.

Let’s see how we can combine these 2 apps together.

1. Trigger different offers for multiple collections

You can trigger Boost Sales offers for collection A and set up Checkout Boost offers for collection B. This is a way for you to a/b test your offers, understand your customers and decide which promotion they like the most.

When you set up an up-sell, you can choose the target products as a collection.

blob1477389712526.png Boost Sales app

Then choose another collection for your checkout-boost offers.

blob1477389736235.png Checkout Boost app

This way, when customers view collection “Fashion For Men”, they will be up-selled:


And when they land in collection “Women Fashion”, they will be motivated to checkout:


2. Direct Boost Sales customers to cart page, where you show Checkout Boost offers

In boost-sales popups, there are 2 options for you to direct customers: to cart page or to checkout page. If you’re using both Boost Sales and Checkout Boost apps, you can lead customers to cart page after you up-sell or cross-sell them successfully.


In cart page, you can choose to show Checkout-Boost offers:


This way, you’ve motivated customers to add more products to cart and encouraged them to complete purchase when they review their orders in cart page. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

After customers accept your up-sell offer and click “Checkout Now”...


They will be directed to cart page where a checkout-boost offer shows up and motivates them to complete purchase:


However, please take note that you can only use this option if your store has a cart page (example). If your cart is a popup, it is recommended that you choose to show checkout-boost offers “after customers add matched items to cart” (in Settings) and use option 1 above.

3. Use the default settings, as we’ve already optimized UX for you

The most simple way is to create offers as freely as you can. Our UX designers and developers have optimized everything for you, here’s how it works:

  • When customers see an up-sell offer and decide not to take it, they turn off the offer, click “View cart” or “Continue shopping”, your checkout-boost offers will show up to motivate them complete purchase. Therefore, you can still convert that sale even though they’re in two minds.

  • When customers decide to take your up-sell or cross-sell offers, they will be encouraged to add even more products to cart with Sales Motivator and be directed to checkout page immediately to maximize the chance they complete purchase. If they still decide to abandon carts and return to your store, checkout-boost offers now will show up to convert them.

This way, the whole customer journey around your store is well covered to maximize your revenue. All money you make from the apps is extra, which means, without the apps, you wouldn’t have made those revenue. Therefore, we believe it’ll worth your investment.


Boost Sales and Checkout Boost are among the most sales-driven apps from Beeketing. Using both apps together surely brings you higher conversion rate and boosts your order value.

If you want to know more how to set up each app separately, please refer to our instructions here:

Feel free to drop us an email at hi@beeketing.com if you need any help setting it up, our experts are always there to help you out.

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