Born with the purpose of increasing customers' impression of your offers, the lastest update of Checkout Boost this autumn will absolutely make significant impact on the app's conversion rate.

1. Motivation Notification

  • How this works? A motivation banner will show up on the header of your site to notify customers about your offer when they first enter your store. It will look like this.


  • How to set up this feature? In the Settings tab, you will find this feature. 


          Here you will find the options to edit:
            - Message
            - Button text 
            - URL link of the button. You have 2 options:
                      a. Use Checkout Boost's suggestion >> The app will automatically select a suitable link
                      b. Manually choose a specific page's URL >> You can apply any link of your choice
           - The style of this banner (Background color, Text color, Button color and Button text color)

Remember to scroll down and hit Save to complete your settings :)

2. Cart Motivator: This is triggered if you set a goal for your offer. Customer will be able to get the offer only if they reach this goal. For example, you offer a 30% discount code for the order above $150. This is setup in offer creation page as below.


No need initial settings, Cart Motivator will automatically add an progress bar to motivate your customers and persuade them to spend more:


The only think to do is to edit the message in Translate tab if needed.


3. What if you have multiple Checkout Boost offers?

In this case, both Motivation Notification and Cart Motivator will be applied to the most reachable offer. For example:

- If you have 2 offers: 1 applied to all orders and 1 with offer condition (Specific price range, or When order has products/ collections) >> The first one will have Motivation Notification

If you have 2 offers 1 applied to orders above $100 and 1 for orders above $200 >> There will be Cart Motivator for the first one only

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