In Mailbot, you will see variables or need to use variables to edit your emails. A variable is an element or factor that is liable to change according to subject. Here is the list of variables supported in Mailbot:

1. Customer


{{ customer.first_name }} : Customer's first name

{{ customer.last_name }} : Customer's last name

{{ }} : Customer's email address 


2. Shop


{{ }} : Name of the current shop that is using Mailbot

{{ shop.domain }} : Domain of current shop that is using Mailbot

{{ shop_owner.first_name }} : Shop owner's first name

{{ shop_owner.last_name }} : Shop owner's last name

{{ shop_owner.full_name }} : Shop owner's full name

{{ shop_owner.title }} : Shop owner's title (Eg: Founder, Co-founder, CEO,...)

 Tips: You can easily find your generated variables by clicking on the line: How do I personalize emails? on the Email Editor tab

variables and urls 

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