Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

You will be able to edit the email content as well as email layout by following two simple steps below.

1. Find the email editor settings:

a. Automation Campaigns.

You can edit automation email content separately by clicking the campaign name >> choosing the email you want to edit >>  clicking on the email subject and then being redirected to the email content editor. 

Edit email

b. Newsletter Bot Campaigns

First of all, please note that Mailbot will prepare some elements for you: Subjects, pre-headers, email bodies... and then randomly pick them to create a draft email. Therefore:

- To edit the content and layout before the app generates draft emails, please go to Newsletter >> click on the Configure Newsletter Bot button >> Click on the Campaign's name >> scroll down to the Email Body setting >> click the Edit icon.

Edit Email

- To edit the content and layout after the app generates draft emails: simply go to Newsletter tab >> Drafted >> click on the email subject.

2. Configure Email Editor and Layouts:

To edit the email content and also change the layout, kindly visit this article: How to use Mailbot email editor.

Tips: Click here to know How to configure Newsletter Bot Campaign 

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