You will be able to edit the email content as well as email layout by following steps below.

Newsletter Campaigns.


Rule-Based Campaigns.

Step 1: In Rule-Based, click to enter the campaign of which you want to edit the email content. For example. in my screenshot below, I click Sales Nurturing to enter this campaign.


Step 2. Click Edit


Step 3. Click to choose the email you want to edit content.


Newsletter Bot

Step 1. In Newsletter Bot tab, click Configure button in the Newsletter Bot box that you want to make edit.


Step 2. in Email body box, click any email body or click Add new body to add a new one and edit the content.


Editing email template. 

Here is the editing window.


What you can do with this feature?

1. Choose a suitable lay out.


2. Send a test email after editing is completed.


3. Editing Body text.

  • It is recommended to make the editing in HTML mode, so that your email will have a better format.


  • You can insert Variables such as Customers' name, Store owner, ...  In the email sent to your customer, data will be taken from your store backend and the wordings will be adjusted accordingly


  • You can also insert Product blocks to your email, products' images and CTA button to redirect customer to the Product page will be in the email afterwards.


Finally, hit Save to complete your editing.

4. Add Social Media Accounts and store logo on Email Signature.

5. Add image to your email.

6. Choose new products to show in "New arrivals" email.

If you have any question, please send your email to

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