Overall, Newsletter Bot will create 3 campaigns at the maximum each week, target different types of customers and make sure that 1 customer won’t receive duplicated emails. You are also encouraged to choose the days for your newsletters to send, as above all, you understand your customers the most.

To schedule the sending time, please go to app's dashboard >> Newsletter Bot >> Schedule

12 hours before the date, you will find Newsletter Bot campaigns in Drafted Newsletter Bot tab. Here you can manage the newsletters before they are sent out, review or reject if you don't want to send that newsletter

  • If you choose to auto-approve all newsletters, this will automatically approve bot-generated newsletters 12 hours before scheduled time (We will send you a notification email at least 2 days before sending time)
  • If you choose to manually check all emails (un-tick Auto approve option), Newsletter e-Bot will send you a notification email before the scheduled time so you can have enough time to go through all campaigns and decide if there’s anything you want to edit.