Beside default Rule-based campaigns, Email Automation app allows you to create new campaigns of your choice.


There are 4 main steps below.

1. Name your campaign: Name your campaign with one which best describes your newsletter's content (that can help you manage your campaign easily)


2. When should we send emails: There are 2 types of Custom Rule-Based campaigns

2.1. Segment-based: After customer enters a segment 


For example: As per default,  there is an available segment called Frequent buyers - the contacts in this segment are defined as the ones who make more than 2 orders per month. (You can adjust this yourself)


So once there is a contact which meets this condition, it will enter this segment and your Custom Rule-base campaign will be sent to this contact as per schedule.

Or you can create your own segment and select it as target segment of your campaign.

NOTE: You should select option filter recipients before sending. Filters will be checked just before the campaign is sent. What is this for: If you select Cart-abandoning customers as target segment and schedule the campaign to be sent in 3 days after customer enters this segment. However, there might be possibility that the customer gets back to store and complete the shopping cart, so he is not in the segment anymore. Your campaign will not be sent to him if you activate this option.


2.2. Even-based campaign: After customer performs an action on your store, even-based campaign will be sent to them.

For example: You can send your newsletter to the customers who view a specific product or collection


3. Content to send: Hit Add email so you can add a series of emails and schedule a suitable sending schedule for each to follow up with customer


Here is the instruction to edit email content of MailBot:

4. Goal: Setting up a goal is to measure the performance of your campaign by setting a conversion goal


After the campaign is sent you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, the statistics showing on the campaign's dashboard will be based on this goal as below.


Finally, do not forget to hit save to complete the campaign creation :)

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