Mailbot pre-sets for you 4 available Rule-Based campaigns:

Here, we will instruct you how to edit 4 available Rule-Based campaigns of your choice in details.

Hit Edit blue button to start editing.


1. Name your campaignChoose a name that best describes your newsletter's content.

2. When should we send emails
  • For Happy Email and Sales Nurturing: the campaign conditions will be default.
  • As for Sales Return and Reward Coupon: you can change these campaigns conditions, customers will receive these emails after they enter a segment or perform an action based on your setups.


3. Contents to send: i
n each campaign, we have default emails with editable contents.


If you click on the Add Email button, a new email is generated. You can click on the it to edit the content of the template and edit send options similarly to a default email.

4. Goal: This settings is to measure the performance of your campaign by setting a conversion goal.

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