What For?


Loyal customers are the most valuable to any online stores, but how do you keep them around? Send these customers a discount code? It’s definitely a great idea, however, it’s quite hard to take care of each customer manually if you have so many customers.

Reward Coupon was born to help you:

  • Segment customers who have multiple purchases (loyal customers)
  • Automatically send them a discount code at the right time to say thanks
  • Motivate them to come back to your store and buy more.

How to set up coupon code in email campaign?

If you activate this campaign:

- Create a coupon code in your store backend
- In the email template, replace the default "YOUR COUPON CODE" with the code you create, as below:


To whom?


By default, this campaign is set to send to Frequent Customer segment (who purchases more than twice in month). However, you can change the segment condition based on your business purposes.


As you can see below, Frequent buyers are defined as the one who have more than 2 orders in month.


There will be only 1 email sent to customer in 1 day after customer enter the target segment.

No goal for this campaign >> The converted rate is always = 0

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