How Cart Abandonment Campaign benefit?


Cart Abandonment Campaign sends personalized follow-up emails when customers added an item to carts but left without purchase. Not only does it remind your abandoning customers of the items they left in their cart, but it also recommends other products they might like, based on their browsing & viewing behavior and cart details.

Cart Abandonment series has 3 follow-up emails. They will send out in turn until your abandoning visitors are successfully converted into paying customers

To whom it sends?


A customer considered entering Cart Abandonment Campaign when he/she added some items to cart but left without making purchase after 6 hours.

When will the campaign send?


By default, since a customer enters the segment:

  • 1st email will send after 6 hours
  • 2nd email will send after 24 hours
  • 3rd email will send after 3 days.**

**NOTE: The third email in Cart Abandonment Campaign is set as "Don't send" by default, because it will give your customers a discount coupon code to motivate them come back and make purchase. 

Create a discount code in your website admin dashboard >> Paste into the campaign editor:

Then, come back to Cart Abandonment page >> Click "Change timing": 

Choose "Send email after" with time options or "Queue draft"

You can also change time delay to send each email by editing the campaign in the settings above. 

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