Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

How Happy Email Campaign benefits?

Happy Email Campaign sends Welcome emails to your new customer/subscribers and helps you to build a new relationship with your customers. In order for this campaign to work correctly, customer segment is decided by our algorithm and cannot be changed. 

To whom it sends?

Emails will be sent to new customers, who meet 1 of these conditions:

1. Customers register on your store after you install the app

2. Customers make the first purchase (but not register yet) on your store after you install the app

3. Subscriber from subscribed box or popup (condition: these emails must be synced into your store back-end) 

NoteHappy Email only sends emails to new customers after your install the app, which means admin accounts or accounts that already exist on your store won't receive thank-you emails. Besides, each customer will only receive one Happy email cycle.

When will the campaign send?

The campaign will send the Welcome email after 30 minutes delay since the contact exists on your store backend.

How to test?

If you want to test Happy Email on your site, please complete an order or sign up for a new account with a new email address. You'll see a thank-you email after 30 minutes. 

More Instruction of Mailbot can be found here. We hope Mailbot will be your helpful Email Marketing assistant!