How it works?

Upgraded from Email Automation, MailBot will automatically detect new products on your store and add "new- arrivals" tag to them. (The tag can be changed up to you, new-arrivals is the default tag when you first install).

Within 12 hours since the last products are added, Newsletter Bot will generate New Arrival campaign and schedule to send it on the nearest date to send weekly emails.

To whom it sends?

All customers

How to choose new products to show in "New arrivals" email ?

In Newsletter Bot tab, you'll see the option to choose a specific tag for the items you wish to show in the email.


As per my screenshot above, new arrivals tag is new-arrival (you can choose any tag of your choice). Whenever a new item is added, "new-arrival" (as said in my example) will be automatically added as per screenshot below.


Also you can set up the time to remove "new-arrivals" tab, during this time, if another new-arrivals newsletter is sent, these items will still be included in the new email if there's no enough items in the email.

You can manually add tag to the items you would like to include in the email.

Schedule New Arrivals campaign.

All campaigns of Newsletter bot will be scheduled on Newsletter Bot dashboard >> Schedule. Find the instruction to schedule Newsletter Bot campaigns and How it works here.


Contact us if you have any questions.

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