Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

Customers receive email campaigns every now and then. You can maximize the usage of these emails and also avoid spamming by adding your social media profiles. below is a short instruction to link your Social account with Mailbot emai.

1. Go to setings area:

Kindly go to App dashboard >> Settings >> Email Header and Footer >> Scroll to Footer tab

Social Media setting2. Enter Social Media ID. 

Make sure that you copy the page handle/username correctly. Below are some examples of which should be entered into the settings:

Facebook Handle

Facebook handle


Instagram username

After entering all Social Media ID, click Save. All is done now! 

3. Check the settings:

You can test it by going to an Email content setting tab and click on the icon at the bottom:

Social Network

More Instruction Tutorials of Mailbot can be found here. We hope Mailbot will be your helpful Email Marketing assistant!