You have more control on the products that will be featured on the Mailbot's newsletter. Simply follow these guided instructions on how to set particular product for the campaign.


1. Go to Mailbot App > Newsletter > Select Newsletter to be Edited 

2. Click Edit Button > Insert products block

  • You can manually select products you want to insert into your email by clicking I want to manually select products.

Reminder: To ensure email deliverability, please limit the number of products to be inserted to 4. 

  • There are some available blocks determined by our algorithm which you can choose below:
- Recommendation: Recommended products based on customer's activities
- Best sellers: Best selling products in store according to sales history and customer's browsing history
New arrivals: New arrivals from store

  • Above blocks is already in default campaigns. There are more special blocks such as:

- Collections: Show products from collections. If you choose this block >> It is required to enter Collection Name. There you can choose the number of products you want to show or choose to show product names or not.

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