MailBot and Happy Email will ONLY work if you use a non-personal email as sending email. Free e-mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and similars send out a massive amount of spam emails everyday, so that emails from these providers are normally automatically filtered as SPAM. Using an non-personal email helps to improve email deliverability and avoid spam filter.

The most effective way to keep a high deliverability is to verify your domain. When your campaign is sent from an email of verified domain, spam filter will be avoided because you are using a valid From email address hosted at a domain manged by you. This also protects your reputation because you are the only one can grant permission for others to use your domain.

Pro Tip: We recommend to use Owner email with format {firstname}@{yourdomain} or {firstname}.{shopname} (this is a domain we prepared for you in case you don't have your own domain, even though you don’t have access to that email). Don’t worry because you can still receive reply-emails from customers to email address you submit in Support email field.

To save your time, we will automatically fill your Owner email with generated information from your domain when you sign up. If you already have an email with your domain or if you want to change the owner email, please go to Settings page from menu sidebar (Mailbot and Email Automation apps) or click Edit Sender Info in app dashboard (Happy Email app):

1. Mailbot:


2. Email Automation: 


3. Happy Email


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