Step 1: Click the Customer tab in Mailbot app

Step 2: Click "Manage Segments"

Step 3: Click "Add New Segment"

Step 4: 

 Name the segment you want to create in Name* field. This field cannot be left blank. 

Set all conditions of the segment in “Contacts who match all following” table with attribute:


- "Have performed event" and condition "Better Coupon Box - Email subscription"

- "Have performed event" and condition "Better Coupon box - Click Get Discount button"

- "Have performed event" and condition "Better Coupon box - Follow"

--> Click "Submit"


Step 4: Create a new campaign for those targeted customers


Go to Newsletter Campaigns >> Create Newsletter

Step 5. In this new campaign, choose the segment you have just created as instruction above.


And then please follow our instruction here to set up your new newsletter. 

You're done! Now this campaign will send out emails to customers who have used Better Coupon Box to obtain a discount code. You can remind them of the coupon code, or send follow-up emails with promotions to make them come back.

Should you need further assistance, please contact us We are happy to help.

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