Install Mailbot to turn your visitors into revenue with personalized follow-up emails!

There are 16 default segments created for all stores. You can edit/duplicate/remove these default segments and also create new segments. Both the actions will require two basic steps as below:

Step 1: Go to the setting area

To create a segment or manage an existing segment: kindly go to Customers tab >> click the Manage Segments button, you will see this setting area and will be able to edit these segments as you want: 

customer segment

Step 2: Set the conditions for the segment:

In both cases, you will have to set up the name and conditions of the segment. Please do not leave the Name field blank so the segment can be saved.


Setting the segments

About the conditions, you will be able to set up specific rules so the app can track all contacts which meet these rules and automatically add them to the segments. Kindly visit this solution: Which performances of customers can be recorded by Mailbot? to know more about this setting field. Besides, kindly note that the number of segments you can create is unlimited.

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