For quick tutorial, click to watch our video: How to Create a Customer Segment with Mailbot

Under the Customer tab in Mailbot app admin dashboard, you may find Customer > Segment. In this tutorial, we will instruct you how to use this function in details.

In the Segments list, there are 12 default segments created for all stores. You can edit or delete these default segments.

Add new segment:

  • The number of segments you can create is unlimited. 
  • Name the segment you want to create in Name* field. This field cannot be left blank. 
  • Set all conditions of the segment in “Contacts who match all following” table. 

1. Contact Attribute:

These give descriptive information about the contact. For example, the contact name may be recorded as an attribute. Unlike tags, you may have one attribute with multiple values. For instance “First Name” would be an attribute and “John” would be one of many values assigned to it. Attributes are commonly assigned when the contact is created.

Example: Customers who spent more than $1000

2. Have performed event:

Use this condition to determine a group of customers who have ALREADY performed an event. You can also fixed the quantity data

Example: Customers who have bought or viewed a specific product

3. Have not performed event:

Use this condition to determine a group of customers who have NOT performed an event. You can also fixe the quantity data.

Example: Customers who have never opened emails from the store

4. Mixed Conditions: 

You can use a set of mixed conditions to determine a segment of customer.

The number of conditions for one segment of customer is unlimited

Example: Customers who already subscribed email but never made a purchase

Now, using Segments tab to create the group of customers and manage your personalized automated emails should become simple and instant.

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