Besides the scheduled campaigns generated by Newsletter Bot, you can create one-time newsletters for all or specific segments of customers in some special events or occasions for promotion. 

When you enter Newsletter Campaign tab >> Click Create Newsletter to get started.

Step 1: Name your newsletter 

Choose a name that best describes your newsletter's content, this helps you to manage the campaign more easily

Step 2. Choose recipients for your newsletter

  • If you tick Everyone, the newsletter will be sent to all of your contacts
  • If you tick Segment, you can:
1. Select an available segment


Note: Multiple segments are allowed.

2. Or create a completely new segment for this campaign: there will be a popup like below for you to create a new segment.


NOTE: You can refer to this link to find out all kinds of segment can be created with Mailbot.

Step 3. Edit emails content and layout


Find the instruction to use the editor mode here.

Step 4. Set goal for your campaign


By setting a goal, you will be able to evaluate your campaign. The result will be shown as Converted rate on the statistics table in Newsletter campaign tab


  • NoneConverted rate is always 0%
  • Buy something: Converted rate is the number of contacts buying something / total contacts  in the target segment of the campaign
  • Enter segment: Converted rate is the number of contacts entering your goal segment / total contacts  in the target segment of the campaign
  • Leave segmentConverted rate is the number of contacts leaving the segment / total contacts  in the target segment of the campaign

Step 5. Schedule your campaign


  • Send newsletter now >> Campaign will be sent immediately
  • Send at 12 pm tomorrow  of recipient's time zone
  • Schedule a time to send later: you set the timer to send you campaign according to customer time zone or a specific time zone. (Our system will automatically detect customer time zone, as for the email which can not be detected, the default time zone will be GMT)


After making all changes, you click on the Schedule blue button on the left corner to save all changes and finish editing the campaign.

NOTE: you will not be able to delete draft campaigns >> After click Schedule button, the campaign will not be a draft anymore >> There will be Delete button in the upper part of the campaign.


As you can see on the screenshot above, you can also make a duplication of the campaign.

Now that you have known well how to create a Newsletter campaign in Mailbot, you should be all set to start impressing your customers with amazing personalized emails just like big brands.