In this recommendation settings, you will be able to set up the rules for emails yourself. This settings help the app understand your product, so it can make most relevant recommendation to customers. For example, you can choose which collection you want to sell with Jeans/ T-shirt, so our recommendation engine can boost it up. 

To start setting up the rule, please go to Settings tab >> Recommendation Rules. Here you will see all available collections of your store, please identify Buyers' genderCycle of products and Cross-Sell collections for each collection.



- Click Doesn't apply to collection(s) you do not want to set up rules. Collection like Front page or New Arrival should not be selected.

- How often should this collection be bought: this settings is applied to Promote products that can be bought again campaign.

- Which collections should we cross-sell with this collection?: this settings is applied to Collection cross-sell campaign.

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