When Beeketing app is removed from your store, technically, all Beeketing codes will be automatically removed from your theme.


However, there are 2 positions where codes are left. These unremoved codes do not affect your storefront and performance. However, if you wish to totally clear all Beeketing codes from your store, please follow:


1) Remove all beeketing code block between this "comment": from layout.liquid or theme.liquid file:

<!-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE START -->{% include 'bk-tracking' %}<-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE END --!>

edit theme in Shopify

2) (Optional) Remove bk-tracking.liquid file

Edit bk-tracking.liquid


Warning: This should be done only if you delete all of Beeketing applications on your store. Otherwise, the remaining applications cannot work after your deleting these codes

If you cannot remove these codes and need help from our engineering team, please send us an email at hi@beeketing.com to request support. We will delete the codes for you at no expense!