1. How the Last step Up-sell works

Besides up-selling and cross-selling on product pages, Boost Sales app can also sell more to customers on cart page with this advanced feature. 

After customers hit "Checkout" button on Cart page, one Last step Up-sell offer will show up to recommend them some items that they might want to purchase. The last step Up-sell will show up like this:

2. Enable the Last step up-sell feature

You will find Last - step Up-sell setting by going to Up-sell >> Last step up-sell. Click  "Add offer" to create offer: 

Step 1: Create the offer's name and offer's message


  • You can leave the offer's name blank
  • Create an engaging message for your offer that makes your offer irresistible.

Step 2: Set up Cart condition

You can set up multiple conditions for your offer based on the cart value or items

Step 3: Pick up your up-sell products and set up the discount 

  • You can choose some specific products or collections to up-sell. Note: the dropdown only shows the limited number of items. Please type some letters of the product names when searching to get the precise results. 
  • If you want to give out a discount to encourage your customer to add more items, select the "offer discount by product" option.

Step 4: Sales Motivator (optional)

For the upgraded version of Boost Sales, the Sales Motivator feature is combined in the Last step up-sell feature instead of Up-sell/ cross-sell offers as previously. 

When this feature is enabled, a sales motivator bar will present along with the Last step up-sell popup. 

For more details for Sales Motivator feature, please refer to this instruction

Done! Now enjoy your sales going up! 

If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we're always here to help.