1. How Sales Motivator works and displays

This is a Sales Gamification technique we incorporate into the app: when you put a price threshold on your offers, customers are encouraged to spend more and reach the order value goal in order to get your special offer.

There is a progress header bar showing up along with Up-sell/cross-sell popup:

 When the cart value reaches the threshold, the congratulations popup will display and announce that the discount code has been redeemed:

Kindly try adding to cart in our Live Demo here, you will see how this feature works.

NoteWhen the Sales Motivator is enabled, it will automatically apply to all up-sell and cross-sell offers. Even when your customers don't accept any up-sell/cross-sell offers, they also can get the congratulation popup and the discount for their cart when the order value reaches the goal. 

2. How to set up Sales Motivator feature

You can enable Sales Motivator feature either in one of the up-sell/cross-sell offers' setting or in Setting tab. When this feature is activated, it will automatically apply to all current offer in Boost Sales app.

Go to Setting tab >> Sales Motivator: 

Step 1: Create your offer headline

Step 2 (only available for the old version of this app): Enter the discount code


  • A valid discount code should be created and managed in the store's admin.
  • Setting the condition/ limited usage for your code to avoid the case in which your customers still get the discount after removing some products in their carts. 

Step 3: Choose the type of discount and the amount

There are 2 types of discounts you can offer with Sales Motivator: percentage and value.

Step 4: Set the goal

The goal has to be greater $0 so that this feature can function properly.

Step 5: Save and activate your offer

With this type of offer, you won't need to finish code installation, because there is no need to create the extra discount variants. Customers won't see the discounted price on any product page, and the discount code you submit will be automatically applied to their cart after they reach the goal. 

Now it's time for you to rocket your sales!