To help merchants increase the quality of customer support, we develop Quick Facebook Chat as the most convenient way to help merchants support their customers by chatting with customers via Facebook accounts on any device and at any time. Here's how the app works.

Right after Quick Facebook Chat is activated on your website. It will display as a widget chat box where people can reach you for support by sending you messages. The customer just needs to click on the app, then there will be a chat window appears, and they can contact you directly on your store. There is no need to come to Facebook to chat any longer. 

Quick Facebook Chat on your store

By default, the chat box will appear as soon as the customer visits your store. Your customers can close the chat box in case they do not want to use it by clicking on the X button at the top-left corner. That chat box will be minimized as an icon so that your customers can recall it if they want to contact you.

With Quick Facebook Chat, you are able to support your customers right on your store with any kind of device. You can also view customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales.

The customer contacts via Quick Facebook Chat.

Quick Facebook Chat allows you to connect with your customers

You can see how the app works on our Live Demo here.


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