If you need help installing, feel free to send us a request, we are offering free installation so you can use Better Coupon Box without any problem.

Below is a detailed instruction about how to install a Beeketing’s app on SEOShop.

Beeketing apps that support SEOshop platform:

  1. Happy Email
  2. Quick Facebook Chat
  3. Better Coupon Box
  4. Mailbot
  5. Checkout Boost
  6. Boost Sales

Step 1

In your SEOShop Admin, go to Apps on the left sidebar menu.

Step 2

On the search field, enter name of the Beeketing app you want to install or enter “Beeketing” to view all Beeketing’s apps. Click search button.

Step 3

Select app you want to install to go to the app detail page. Click Install App.

Step 4

Enter your email and password then click next. You need to Grant access to finish your installation.

And that's it. You're done!We are incessantly trying to improve our products based on customers’ feedback, so if you have any suggestion, please let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen.


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