Here is A-Z tutorial to instal Checkout Boost app for your store. Let's get started:

(Take a quick tour by watching our tutorial video How to Create Offers with Checkout Boost app)

- Click "Create your first checkout-boost offer"

- Start being creative with your checkout-boost offer 

Offer information

- Let's think of something interesting to attract your customers take your offer. For example: 

  • Subject should be a hook to catch customers' attention. Eg: Special offer for lucky customers like you / A little surprise just for you! 
  • Message should encourage customers, make them willing to share your products with their friends. Eg: Wanna get this cool T-shirt for free? Share with friends on Facebook or Twitter and this awesome T-shirt is yours. 
  • You can use your own images for the offer, or we have prepared a lot of stock pictures for you to choose 

- Another interesting thing is that you can choose to require your customers to share your cart on social networks or not. If you turn this option off, customers will be able to take your offer right away without sharing. 

Add when you want to show offer 

- You can choose between All orders/ Orders over/ Has products/ Has collection

When you choose to apply checkout-boost offer on some products or collections, you can simply type the keyword to search for those products/ collections in the search box. 

Other customers often see very high conversion rate with free gift offer on all orders, so we suggest you give it a try. 


Choose types of offer 

- With Checkout Boost app, you can choose among 3 kinds of offer as below: 

  • Cart discount: Add a monetary/percentage discount (instruction) code and paste here 
  • Free gift: Add free gifts some specific products. For example: buy iPhone get a cover for free 
  • Free ship: Add free ship or discount depending on the amount in cart (greater than or less than is both applicable) 

If you choose cart discount or free shipping, you will need to create a coupon code in shop admin and submit that code in Checkout Boost app. 


- Click "Add Offer" when finishing all steps

Now it’s time for your turn! Create a checkout boost offer now to boost sales for your shop.

You can visit our helpdesk for some common questions about Checkout Boost as well. 

If you have any difficulties in creating offers, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop us a message at We are always here to help you.


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