There are normally 2 cases when checkout-boost offers don't show up: 

Case 1: Your store doesn't have a cart page, but the setting is "Show offer on cart page".

After customers add a product to cart, if your store has a quick-shop function and directs customers to checkout page instead of cart page, it is suggested that you choose the setting "Show offer after customers add matched product to cart"

Case 2: You have tested your offers consecutively, and the offer did not show on the second test
In this case, the reason is that you have just tested, saw the offer and closed it, left your cart abandoned. When you tested it again, our app would still save your last abandoned cart and your last action, so offer would not show again. Please clear cache or use incognito window to test app, so it can work properly.

Let us know if you need our support at, we'll be right back.

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