In order for your checkout-boost offers to work well and convert customers tremendously successfully, we suggest using some interesting messages to catch your customer's attention such as:

  • We've got a little surprise just for you! 
  • A free gift/ 10% discount just for you! Offer ends at midnight. (To create urgency)
  • Awesome! Here's our gift for a wonderful customer like you.
  • Share your cart on Facebook or Twitter now to receive X% off
  • Wanna get this cool product for free? Share your new order with friends now
  • Free shipping!!! Share your cart on Facebook or Twitter now
  • Wanna save your money? Share your cart and get X% discount

If you need more suggestions, take a look at our top secrets to use Checkout Boost effectively; or if you have some ideas to add, feel free to contact us at We're here to listen and help.

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